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All your questions in one place! xo.

    1. You have your own line of clothing yet I see others have your styles, colors etc?

Every season there is super popular fabrics and cuts and 100’s of other companies have access to those fabric. We have no control over fabric and who else snags the same prints as us. But what we do have control over is the FIT, CUT & STYLE of an item! We have built OBV based on the feedback of the EVERYDAY girl! We want items to fit all shapes and sizes and we design based on what is best for YOU!

Our Daisy Mae clothing run is run by our OWN factory that we set up in China with a small team.

2. You say you produce in China, I don't like this what makes your factory different?

Jess believes in helping & empowering women that is why she started Obviously Chic. Lolo, we runs Daisy Mae in China worked a low paying job in China & we helped her change her LIFE & follow her dreams!

We have empowered her & many other women to produce beautiful clothing & follow their dreams. There is a REAL person behind our factory with BIG dreams & because of your support for Daisy Mae you are helping her wake up everyday and do what she LOVES too xo

   3. Why don’t you help us on Facebook/Instagram with questions regarding our orders?

We use social media to connect with everyone! We LOVE IT & YOU! It’s instant and we love that you can message us at ANY TIME asking us questions about fit, colors, styles etc! We answer all those questions on social media, if you have questions about orders or anything further than the basic simple questions it has to go through customer service so that we can answer and deal with your concern faster and accordingly.

We do not handle order status or anything regarding your order on Social Media. If you post on Social Media about your order it will also be deleted. Everything needs to be handled through customer service email so we can properly help you with out any errors.

   4. Why don’t you have a phone #?

We are an online store with popups across Western Canada. We don’t have the staffing to manage a phone line and because we are on the road a lot as well, we can better serve you through social media and email that we would a phone. And not to mention, FASTER!

  5. Why was my comment deleted on Facebook/Instagram?

If you aren't POSITIVE, KIND or HELPFUL we delete comments and don't respond. Why?? Because it's our PARTY & we promote nothing but happiness at OBV! We want to EMPOWER women not bring them down and if you wouldn't say it to our face at Starbucks why would you feel okay to say it behind a computer screen?

We work super hard to create a brand that people are proud to wear and furniture they want in their home. We live and breathe positivity and happiness and if you don’t like us, that’s fine. Unfollow our page or don’t shop with us.

We have 0 Tolerance for people you online bullying or feel the need to put down our company in any shape or form. Yes, other companies may allow it but we are going to STAND UP for something & try and make the world a better place. 

We also have a STRICT policy to not handle customer service on Social Media, so we will either privately message you to email us or delete the comment as we cannot handle CS to the best of our standards via social media- and we want YOU to have an amazing experience. 

Our social media is our pages for everyone who LOVES, if you want to bash us move along!

  6. I want to start my own online store or business can you tell me how you started?

If you have followed Jess our owner’s story, you know her purpose in life is to INSPIRE! She loves to inspire others (especially women) to follow their dreams, JUMP and create something for themselves! She built Obviously Chic from nothing 7 years ago, with NO money-- just a CREDIT CARD, a dream and A LOT of failure, learning lessons and support and love from her fans!

If you want to follow her journey, she tries to blog throughout the year you can read everything on her blog

  7. Are you hiring? Where are you located?

We wish we were hiring but we are growing so so so fast that right now we are keeping our team small. 

Our warehouse is located in KELOWNA, BC

We are GROWING our TEAM-- So if you are interested in anything to do with our WAREHOUSE or other positions please email us at 

   8. Do you do wholesale?

YES! If you check out the WHOLESALE page on the bottom of our website you can apply to carry Daisy Mae. 

    9. Will you pop up in our city/town??

As of FALL 2017-- We have stopped pop ups to focus online! We thank the 1000's of you who have come to our pop ups the last 8 years. Never say never though--- we might be POPPING BACK UP, someday 

    11. How do you ship?

We recently made the switch BACK to Canada Post, You will get a tracking # when it ships. 

     11. We see a lot of other online stores and pop ups like OBV are they affiliated with you or part of OBV?

When we started OBV 8 years ago we came back to Saskatchewan and there was maybe one other company in the province that did “pop ups” or had an active Facebook Page or website. We educated and pushed our way and through that time, we have inspired a lot of other websites & pop ups! We are blessed to have inspired them, but sometimes inspiration comes with others developing a close comparison to the OBV brand.

We work really hard to stay new, fresh and different and stand out on our own. Which is exactly what we are our OWN brand and website. We are NOT affiliated with another website or pop up and we are proudly 8 years old and run out of a warehouse.

     12. Why do you have PRE-ORDERS?

Throughout the year we often offer PRE-ORDERS for super popular items. We have heard your FEEDBACK stating how disappointed you were to have items always be sold out. So if it's a popular item we offer PRE ORDERS to 100% make sure you get the item you want. Please be patient for your items they are worth the wait.

     13. Why don't you CANCEL orders once they have been made?

We have high volumes & once your order has been made the sizes have been allocated for you & we cannot cancel your order. If you are UNHAPPY with your purchase once you receive it, please fill out the form and send back our way for a FULL REFUND.

We do our best to help modify your order if you need sizes changed.